Blockchain Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

How is Blockchain Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain technologies have grown to attract much interest not only from the Tech industry but also from the other industries as well as the general public. Today, the use of Blockchain is far beyond cryptocurrency and financial transactions. The technology now has largely been associated with several industries including manufacturing,…

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Xamarin development to build powerful app

10 Powerful Ways to Develop Mobile Apps Quickly with Xamarin Technology

Xamarin is a software company headquartered in San Francisco, which develops tools for cross-platform application development using C#. The products are developed to allow developers to share code between different platforms in use. As an example, developers could develop an iOS library with the Swift programming language that can be…

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web development frameworks

Top 10 Web Application Development Frameworks (Latest Updated)

With millions of web apps out there, the website designing and development industry is the most influential and growth-oriented industry in today's world. To have a successful online presence, your website should be 360 degrees capable to attract & satisfy your customers. There are various factors that decide the fate…

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ambulance booking app development

Ambulance Booking App- The Biggest Mobile Healthcare App Trend 2022

Technology is driving a major change in nearly all industries located across the world and Healthcare is no more an exception. With different Healthcare IT solutions & mobile apps, significant health growth is seen in patients suffering from prolonged disease or illness. The adoption of digital health apps has substantially…

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why react native is cost effective 1

Why is React Native App Development So Cost-Effective for Startups?

Nowadays, companies seek better alternatives to build flexible apps that work seamlessly across platforms. The need is more evident with the fluid technology trends and the growing demand for faster mobile app development.  Fortunately, some real-time applications like React Native allow developers to create robust cross-platform engaging apps. As a…

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why is hipaa important for healthcare organization

Why is HIPAA Compliance Necessary for Healthcare App Development?

HIPAA compliance is required for any organization that deals with patient data. This includes healthcare providers and businesses, as well as research organizations. A Healthcare app development company must be able to answer the question accurately, "Is your product HIPAA compliant?". In addition, as a developer, you have to determine…

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eLearning App Development in 2022

Features, Market Trends & Cost Analysis of eLearning App Development in 2022

eLearning apps have become a billion-dollar business idea during these tough times of COVID pandemic. Almost every education based business is reaping benefits out of it. Education, eLearningLook at the eLearning App Development Stages and mLearning apps have become one of the best learning resources these days.  Remote education is…

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blockchain disrupting industries

Top 6 Industries That Blockchain Will Disrupt in Future

Blockchain Technology is a decentralized system, and there is no need for third-party involvement, which means less money spent on intermediaries and more money saved by the end-users.  Furthermore, all transactions made through Blockchain are safe, secure, and transparent, as any network member can easily see records. There is also…

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flutter app development tools

Top 20 Flutter App Development Tools Worth Using in 2022

As per mobile app usage statistics, 21% of millennials open an application at least 50 times daily.  The future of mobile app development is pretty vast. With technological advancements in every field, we are witnessing an ever-increasing dependency on mobile gadgets for our daily activities. The Google Play Store and…

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