Educational App for Covid 19

Increasing Demand of Educational App Development Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID 19 spreading too fast, the Government of various countries has made complete lockdown around the state, cities and the country as a whole. Everything is closed from offices to shops to colleges & schools.

This lockdown time is really difficult for people, various industries & businesses across the globe. While many of the industries like Travel & Tourism are totally shut, some of them like IT are still surviving. One of the most aspiring industries on the verge of success amid this pandemic is- online education app development.

Statista report says that educational apps have been in high demand during COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona Virus has completely shaken the world. While many industries are in severe recession, the education industry is blooming, having found new ways of teaching students without their physical presence. Schools, coaching institutes and colleges have adopted digital mode of teaching their students. Coronavirus is changing educational app trends in many ways. If we look at the current scenario, the demand for education apps is on the top and will continue to remain high even after lockdown ends. In this article, we have listed a few reasons why eLearning is the future of the Education industry and why students and teachers prefer digital mode of education.

Why is Online Education on the Peak? Top 10 Reasons

E-Learning has been on the peak since last year. The current COVID lockdown around the world has only increased its popularity & high demand. Wondering why teachers and students prefer online education? Here are some reasons worth considering:

1. Video tutoring

Education industry is completely shut down and is still at the pause due to the ongoing pandemic. Many education institutes are taking advantage of the Digital medium. Teachers have been asked to start video tutoring for the students. Video tutoring is the best way to make children learn sitting in their homes. Just with a smartphone, they can continue their studies and acquire quick learning. 

2. Physical Classroom like Features- Whiteboard

Many coaching institutes are stressing on building a feature-rich e-Learning app with the integration of functionalities like- Whiteboard integration for online video coaching sessions, easy payment modes to allow students pay their coaching fee online, easy communication with subject-wise experts etc.

3. Online Remote Classes

Through a feature-rich mobile app, the teacher can create an online room and make their students join the room for online class. Once the students sign in and join the room with a code, the teacher can give online classes and resume the studies on a daily basis. These remote classes are considered one of the most effective ways of learning digitally amidst corona pandemic.

4. Online Homework & Assignments

Not only learning, teachers can give homeworks and assignments to their students via the app. Assignments once completed can be directly submitted through the app.

5. Group chat

Education app can allow group chats with students, teachers and parents. The group chat features makes the communication process smooth between the students & teachers and between the teachers & parents. While students can ask for any query within the group, teachers can make an announcement regarding anything. Parents can ask their children performance and other concerns related to resuming school, homework, attendance, holidays etc.

6. Education Quiz & Mock Exams

A quiz between the studies can give a lighter moment to students while enhancing their knowledge. It is really a fun way to learn things quickly. Mock exams, on the other hand, are a perfect way to practice. It’s a kind of practice exam, designed like real to give the student a good idea of what to expect in the upcoming tests & exams. As it is an element of competition, students will be thrilled to learn well just for the sake of winning the quiz & securing good marks in mock exams. With such beneficial features, online education is truly revolutionizing the traditional way of education.

7. Get Instant notifications

An education mobile app facilitates push notifications to student’s mobile just to make them stay updated about the time of online classes, schedule of the test, PTM meetings, other important announcements etc. The feature eliminates looking into the app again and again since you will be automatically notified with the message displaying on your homescreen. 

8. Weekly/Daily Performance Report

Students, teachers and parents can keep track of a student’s performance with the online daily/weekly/monthly report. The report may be based on attendance, performance in the test and quiz, remarks for improvement, and other activities.

9. Online streaming of recorded video sessions

An eLearning app allows students to record a particular video session and check it again at any hour of the day without skipping your class.

10. Other Benefits of Educational Apps

  • Equipped with custom learning options
  • Makes it easy for users to upload, save and access content
  • Enable teachers to record and share their lessons
  • Online chat option with expert instructors
  • Allow teachers to track the training and activity of students

Conclusion- Enter to a Growth Oriented Future of Educational App

Online Education apps are pacing at high speed during this time of crisis and will continue to be used even after the lockdown ends. 

As per the data by Worldwide Market released by Statista, 2018 counts for 7604 million dollars profit for Education App. This is increased to 7880 million dollars in 2020 and further predicted to 8330 million dollars in 2023.

Digital mode is proven to be a useful tool for learning. The online education sector is therefore high in demand and this simply relates to good revenue generation. 

Now when you have seen the benefits of Online Education apps and its increasing popularity in 2020 and beyond, it’s high to invest in this sector for continued growth. All you need to decide is the platform, pick the features, decide your budget & look for a good education app development company to get your application developed.

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One another industry that is on a peak midst COVID pandemic is Insurance Sector. Developing an Insurance mobile app can be a turning point for the business growth for a health insurance company. Get a detailed cost analysis of Insurance App development here in this blog.

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