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Amidst COVID19 How GIS location-tracking Apps are Helping Stop the Infections

With the widespread of #COVID19, the government of various countries has asked their citizens to stay indoors. From offices to education sectors, the whole world is now locked down in their homes to avoid the community spread of this deadly virus. As a consequence, the world’s economy is at risk.  Many countries are looking for ways to pace up their stagnant economies without risking further lives with corona infections. One of the excellent ways to avoid getting infected is to keep track on the infected persons.

With the Coronavirus spreading too quickly it is important to find a new way to track the contacts of the Corona infected person rather manually tracing the ones who are infected. Manually tracing out all the places & persons the patient has contacted will take too much time.

GIS Location Tracking Apps- A Better way to Locate Corona Infected Persons

New research from the University of Oxford suggests that using a GIS-enabled app, the government can track people’s movements and identify and isolate anyone who has come into contact with an infected person.

GIS location tracking apps- A Better way to Locate Corona Infected Persons

In this scenario, digital contact-tracking is seen as a promising way to control over the pandemic. This would involve using a smartphone app to track people and notify them if they have come in contact with corona infected person. It would further encourage them to immediately self-isolate themselves so as to prevent further contamination and widespread. 

Government from various countries are seen making use of this app to prevent widespread of Coronavirus. Also, people are being taught and motivated to use the app as it would help them keep their loved ones safer.

Benefits of GIS Mobile Apps

The Geographic Information System (GIS) tracking capabilities in mobile apps captures, stores, and analyzes the geographical data presenting it into the most meaningful and efficient way.

GIS technology let your Smartphone find a particular location or track a particular location or person on the map. GIS has gained a massive popularity in the IT sector and is highly beneficial to a range of industry verticals particularly government sectors. Organizations such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Defense sectors utilize GIS apps to track geological, weather and traffic patterns and locate natural and man-made disasters so to timely take preventative measures to control damage.

Below we have listed a few benefits of GIS use in mobile app development. Go through them and find out how your business can leverage the power of this technology achieving great results and a massive success for you.


A mobile GIS framework is a cost-efficient way of tracking a person or a location on a map which further eliminates your dependency on paper processes. This, in turn, saves your printing costs, paper costing as well as data loss in case of loss or damage.  Not only this, but it will also let you save money on internal resources by utilizing the personal devices of users instead of having to purchase separate GPS devices and laptops. 

Accurate data with fewer mistakes

This is another significant benefit to mobile GIS. The GIS data you’re obtaining is more accurate, reliable, and accessible away from human-caused errors. 

Citizen engagement with Real-time location tracking

The government in many countries is making use of GIS apps letting their citizens see location data in real-time and make intelligent, critical decisions based on the data they’re viewing.  For instance, GIS apps can show disaster damages whether man-made or natural calamity on a map. This data will help them see how to get out of or back into a certain area and what damages have been done to the areas they or their relatives live at. The use of GIS tracking apps can see greatly seen in today’s COVID19 lockdown. For example- the Indian government has recently launched a GIS tracking app named Arogya Setu App that enables people to locate the Coronavirus infected persons around them and thus maintaining a suitable distance from them to avoid contamination.

Synchronize changes even offline

GIS Mobile apps can also be accessed offline. The revolution in mobile technology can allow data to enter while offline. This data will then be synchronized once reconnected to the Internet. This feature works great across the areas where there is poor or no internet connectivity.

Build Your Business GIS App from expert GIS App Developers 

So when now you are aware of the vast benefits of having a GIS Tracking App, it’s time to leverage the advantage of this technology and make your business achieve higher efficiency in terms of growth, popularity and ROI.

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