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Rising Demand for Low-Code Development During Covid-19 – Gartner’s Report 2021

Amidst remote software development during the coronavirus crisis, there has been an increased demand for low-code programming tools.

As per the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc, the worldwide low-code development technologies market is projected to total $13.8 billion in 2021 with an increase of 22.6% from 2020. Eventually, the surge in remote development during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to boost low- code adoption, despite ongoing cost optimization efforts.  

“While low-code application development is not new, a confluence of digital disruptions, hyper automation and the rise of compostable business has led to an influx of tools and rising demand,” said Fabrizio Biscotti, research vice president at Gartner. 

With the increased demand of mobile and web app development, businesses are needed to develop new applications rapidly. Continue reading the in-depth insights of what Gartner report further revealed.

Gartner Survey Report 2021- Insights

A survey was conducted in 2021 quizzing nearly 500 European IT sector professionals to gather what topics they identified as being imperative for 2021. They were asked if remote working would stay. They were also asked about the probable shifts in information management trends and what infrastructure tools will be deployed by most in 2021.

Analyst Gartner’s latest forecast estimates that the worldwide low-code development technologies market will total $13.8bn in 2021, an increase of 23.2% from 2020. This increase in demand is set to continue during 2021, despite ongoing pressure in IT departments to reduce costs. 

“While low-code application development is not new, a confluence of digital disruptions, hyper-automation and the rise of composable business has led to an influx of tools and rising demand,” said Fabrizio Biscotti, research vice-president at Gartner.

Gartner predicted that low-code application platforms would remain the largest component of the low-code development tech market through to 2022, increasing by 65% from 2020 to reach $5.8bn. Other areas of growth include rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools and rapid application development (RAD) tools. 

The growth in low-code tools is being driven by businesses asking IT departments to create more software. Gartner believes the increased demand for custom software in support of digital transformation has sparked the emergence of citizen developers outside of IT, which, in turn, has influenced the rise in low code.  

Gartner’s research suggests that, on average, 41% of employees outside of IT – or business technologists – customize or build data or technology solutions. Gartner said half of all new low-code clients will come from business buyers that are outside the IT organization by the end of 2025. 

Biscotti added: “The economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have validated the low-code value proposition. Low-code capabilities that support remote work functions, such as digital forms and workflow automation, will be offered with more elastic pricing as they will be required to keep the lights on.”

As SaaS grows in popularity, Gartner predicted that usage of the low-code tools they offer will also grow. It said this could drive the adoption of low-code application platforms and process automation tooling.

“Globally, most large organizations will have adopted multiple low-code tools in some form by year-end 2021,” said Biscotti. “In the longer term, as companies embrace the tenets of a compostable enterprise, they will turn to low-code technologies that support application innovation and integration.”

Note: This news was previously published in Gartner.

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