It is a web-based solution that connects clinicians, researchers, and students with each other and helps them discover efficient communication and collaboration in between.

MyReposit is a fully hosted establishment providing a rich ecosystem to the academicians, institutes and scholars to learn and share all the repository needs.

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Process Followed

The first approach of the web-based solution is extremely crucial as it consists much of the analysis part. Like any other software solutions, developing a fully functional digital solution requires a lot of demands and focus. By following a dedicated strategy, our team of proficient developers, based on the dynamic approach, outlined a comprehensive process of building a complete digital solution for learners.


Problem Identification

Managing specific sets of solutions, manuscripts, and keeping all the repository needs for as much long was painful back then and many of the scholars are still managing hard to keep up with uploading the collection. With the help of a new-age web-based repository solution, we are aiming to create an in-class solution where researchers, scientists, academicians and students etc. can upload their work and make it available for others as well.

  • Make availability of the manuscripts for every one
  • Provides a workspace for large-scale projects
  • Measures and manages research and teaching activities
  • Get access to real-time public rating and comments

Feasibility Study

With the development of the full range of repository-based solutions, the client was eyeing on fulfilling the institution's needs where availing manuscripts was the foremost priority. Agreeing to the client's needs, we kept the buildout encompassing academic information and services. MyReposit will be a community that sustains a wide range of repository requirements.

  • Connect scholars with the event across the world
  • Disseminate research findings to a wider audience
  • Allow institutions to collect and curate all type of digital outputs
  • Facilitates the community and make sharing of digital teaching materials easy
  • Enable researchers and students to build collective learning models


User research

When the product is going to be designed for users, the developers arguably need to put themselves in the user's shoes and try to look at the product from their perspective. We carried out the user research with the same mindset which turned out to be fruitful as we somehow managed to understand the viewpoints of our target groups.

Product discovery workshop

Being a foremost app and web developer company in the market, we have been acclaimed by our clients as one of the supreme service providers. Developing high-quality digital products has always been our first priority and the foundation of our ovation is a precise product discovery strategy we follow during the development of every solution. It helps the development team determine what is the best suited technique for the project.

In order to steer the project in the right direction and as per our client’s necessity, our team of developers got into the discussion of product vision and talked about all the important aspects which would be helpful in making the project a successful venture. The team and client together explored the development strategy addressing the key aspects. In a nutshell, the product discovery workshop provided the team with additional insight to emphasize project goals.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis shapes the idea of to-be-developed projects by revealing the strength and shortcomings of competitive websites and solutions. A thorough market research gained us understanding of on-going competition in the industry and made us realize the functionalities which we are lacking to implement.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge that came as a roadblock for developers while designing web-based repository solutions was personal and collective learning models with intuitive UI. Besides this, there were many ifs and buts our well-versed development team run over of which some are given below.

  • Simpler and customer-oriented web application
  • Facilitate access to the repository from different existing learning platforms
  • Provide a platform which is easy to connect and collaborate
  • Implement the management of scalability
  • Persistent online identifiers for better discoverability
  • Automates tasks by validating rules and certain actions

Final Outcome

Our seasoned team of developers made every possible effort to make this multi-purpose web-based repository system victorious among the crowds and profit-making project for the organization. We are well-pleased to succeed in our vision and all the struggles finally paid off.

  • Flexible and rich user interface
  • Configured and customizable with institutional, researchers and students needs
  • Easy to manage communities
  • Allow gathering publication impact through article-level metrics
  • Facilitates better transference of the research results
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

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