How Cloud Computing Serve As The Backbone Of Internet Of Things?


Although Cloud Computing and the Internet Of Things (IoT) are completely different technologies, the two are part of our life. Moreover, it’s also a fact that these technologies are closely interlinked. This article provides you the understanding of Internet of things and how cloud computing can be a core element for implementing the overall structure of IoT.


IoT and Cloud Computing when combined generates the revolution that helps us interact with our devices in a better way.

Internet Of Things has the power to transform your business potential. It helps enterprises to develop smarter services and products. It helps to change the model of your business in a way that it will enhance and grow at the same time.

The next industrial revolution, IoT will continue to change the way we live and how we interact with customers and employees. Cloud computing, on the other hand, can serve as the BACKBONE of everything that the Internet Of Things offers.

Internet Of Things – The Overview:

Before we take a deeper dive into how IoT and cloud computing works together, let’s find out exactly what IoT is.

IOT overview

Internet Of Things became an important technology since it allows smart communication between machines, objects and all the other things including humans. It depicts a system that consists of a number of things attached to a sensor, which is, in turn, connects the internet using wired or wireless networks. The sensors in the IoT system makes use of Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth for connections.

IoT Challenges – How Cloud Computing Can Help Resolving Them:

IoT ChallengesInternet Of Things have started to modify our daily tasks completely and the industry is going to increase at an incredible rate in the upcoming years. However, it produces a great amount of Big Data, which in turn, adds up an extreme strain on the infrastructure of the Internet. And, it’s a tedious task to manage the storage of this data. This is what forces all the companies to find an innovative solution that would solve their problem of transferring a huge amount of data effectively.

As per the prediction of Cisco, the worldwide IP traffic will increase up to 6.3 exabytes per month by the year 2020, which is nearly six folds as compared to what it was in the year 2016. And, most of this would be the contribution of IoT devices.

A few other issues that would also need to be resolved with the increase in the IoT industry includes security, challenges while developing product and scalability.

Now, the question is, what’s the solution to all these problems? And, this is where Cloud Computing comes in. Check out the points below and understand how cloud computing, with its various models and the platforms, could help to resolve all such issues.

Cloud Computing Helps Resolving Technical Hurdles While Deploying IoT:

It’s not an easy task to launch an IoT system. The very first thing that you will have to worry about is how your hardware would perform. The complete functioning of hardware or machinery includes working of sensors, connection with the internet and dealing with the life of the battery. Next comes the development of the software that eases data collection and communication. In the end, we will also have to deploy the complete back-end infrastructure so that we can bring all the moving parts of the IoT to work together.

Cloud helps in resolving all of these technical hurdles that come in the way while developing and deploying an IoT system. With Cloud, you don’t literally need to worry about deploying the database, configuring networks and finishing up several other infrastructure building tasks that come in the way. The providers of cloud computing have all this ready for you to work on anytime you will need. You can make use of the virtual servers to get your IoT running perfectly.

Moreover, there are now several services that only work and are specifically dedicated for launching Internet Of Things systems.

Data Security Threat; Cloud Could Help Again:

With IoT, data security is always the biggest concern of industrialists.

We already understand the difficulty we face to secure even employees’ mobile phones, computers and all other connected devices. Imagine, how difficult it could be then to make the thousands of devices secured that are in the hands of different users. Each of these devices may possess sensitive information of your employees and customers. Access to this data may lead to identity threat and even bigger losses.

After a few high profiles IoT security breaches, it’s utmost important to put the security at the top. Below are a few tricks that show how the cloud could help you make your IoT offerings secure.

    • Firmware and Software Updates: The IoT devices with outdated software and firmware are the primary targets of hackers. Cloud providers possess the processes and tools that allow the easy setup of software and Firmware over the air. Besides this, these updates could be easily signed with digital certificates that make the users know that they are secure.


  • Encryption for Protecting Sensitive Information With the great amount of data generated daily on Smartphones, it’s quite difficult now to identify what the suspicious signals that hackers take advantage. Cloud could help you manage both the server and client side encryption. It could automate the process and can create customized encryption solution that would be perfectly fit for your company’s requirements.

Cloud Provides Scalability And Flexibility:

IoT devices make use of the resources in a very inconsistent manner and this is where the cloud is important. Cloud computing provides the required flexibility to deal with this situation.

IoT devices could deliver a huge amount of data and may use the resources in an inconsistent way. Cloud computing allows you to scale and set up your infrastructure capacity as soon as your usage is increased. You can also drop it down as the demand decreases. Whereas, if you will purchase traditional servers instead of the cloud, it will sit idle when you will not have any use of it.

The Final Lines:

IoT efficiently connects everything including computers, devices, networks and even people. However, the connection is not that beneficial without the integration of cloud with it.

Cloud computing could help you develop your Internet Of Things system fatter and makes it more secure too. It’s actually not incorrect to say that Cloud is the essential part of any successful IoT system.

Hope this blog will help you in understanding How Cloud Computing Serve As The Backbone Of Internet Of Things? But, in case you encounter any challenge, feel free to contact our cloud computing experts.


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