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User Experience (UX): Necessity of Today’s Design World


Have you ever wondered at what factor inside the literal universe we virtually manipulate to system the splendid quantity of records located on-line?

Well, the solution is nowhere, and it is exactly why the net universe is such a modern surroundings. It also explains why UX has always been so crucial for the layout of attractive and appealing on line platforms.

This article is for those who are seeking the knowledge about “User Experience”. UX appears to be something that’s wholly vital for the creation of a pinnacle high-quality internet application, however also something which very few customers apprehend.

The time period ‘UX design’ is used to consult the procedures and techniques employed to make sure that a website is absolutely tailored and customized for its goal marketplace. If a web platform does not attraction to a positive type of audience, it is in all likelihood to be quick forgotten.


User Experience UX




This article gives a prologue to the fields of UX research and plan. You will pick up a comprehension of what is engaged with UX examine, including assessing frameworks and breaking down frameworks utilizing standards of a good outline. You will likewise find out about the work engaged with UX Design, including the age of promising outline arrangements and the formation of models at numerous levels of constancy.

Importance of UX

This is all in spite of UX now being the most crucial factor of internet site use. The plain reality is that the huge infiltration of smartphones, that people who are not looking at their UX throughout every platform aren’t simply missing out.

For those not within the realize, the legit line on UX is that it represents person enjoy, the ways in that you customers or internet site customers engage along with your website or different digital offerings. It’s been an idea that has been round for around two decade, however has most effective truly controlled to realize its significance inside the closing 5 years.

If a website is beautiful, with backgrounds that might be displayed in galleries and buttons that appear as if they need been engraved by masters, it won’t matter if another website will take folks through their web site journey a lot of effectively. The thought isn’t any longer that folks move to an internet site for the sake of it, folks move to an internet site for a task, be it to shop for one thing or perhaps to scan a diary. The distinction between the two doesn’t matter in UX; the thought is to form the journey through a website as easy and intuitive as possible for the end user.

Ultimately, UX has become therefore vital in digital strategy that it may well be argued that the method a web site appearance ought to come back second to the ux. basically the UX designers ought to produce the inspiration and basic building blocks of the web site and also the ancient designers ought to be gazing the colors on the walls. This could never happen but, as a website is over an easy conversion funnel, it represents the personality of an organization online.

At the identical time, this additionally echo’s the importance of an honest UX strategy. A website that represents the personality of your company can’t be pretty however frustrating. It must represent thoughtfulness additionally to sensible aesthetics, one while not the opposite is AN exercise in client frustration.

Elements of UX

User expertise style includes components of interaction style, visual style, data design, user analysis, and alternative disciplines, and is worried with all facts of the general expertise delivered to users. Following may be a short analysis of its constituent elements.


Element of UX

Visual Design

Visual style aims to form and improve the user experience through considering the consequences of illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, and color on the usability of product and on their aesthetic attractiveness. to assist designers succeed this, visual style considers a range of principles, as well as unity, shape properties, space, hierarchy, balance, contrast, scale, dominance, and similarity.

Visual style as a field has matured out of each program (UI) style and graphic style. As such, it focuses on the aesthetics of a product and its connected materials by strategically implementing pictures, colors, fonts, and alternative parts. A roaring visual style ensures that content remains central to the page or perform, and enhances it by participating users and serving to make their trust and interest within the product (and, consequently, the brand). The realm of visual style homes a wealth of problems for designers in contact in mind, starting from the variations in cultural interpretations of the color red, to correct use of whitespace, to universal taboos like the setting of red parts against blue backgrounds. It attracts on an upscale and long history of the assembly of esthetically pleasing, roaring work.

By considering however they’ll type or prepare visual parts to deal with the principles of fine visual styles, designers will form the employment experience so as to elicit user responses and behaviors that suit the use and purpose of the merchandise. Inconspicuous, tiny details of a product’s aesthetics will so play a big role within the style of the user experience.

Information architecture

Information design is that the art and science of structuring and organizing the data in products and services to support usability and findability.

In the context of data design, info is break free each information and knowledge, and lies nebulously between them. It’s info regarding objects. The objects will vary from websites, to package applications, to images. It’s conjointly involved with metadata: terms won’t to describe and represent content objects like documents, people, process, and organizations. Info designer conjointly encompasses however the pages and navigation square measure structured.

  • Structuring, organization, and labeling
    Structuring is reducing data to its basic building units so relating them to every alternative. Organization involves grouping these units in an exceedingly distinctive and important manner. Labeling suggests that victimization acceptable choice of words and terminology to support simple navigation and findability.
  • Finding and managing
    Findability is that the most crucial success issue for data design.[citation needed] If users aren’t ready to realize needed data while not browsing, looking or asking, then the find- ability of the data design fails. Navigation must be clearly sent to ease finding of the contents.

Interaction design

It is well recognized that element of interaction style is an important a part of user expertise (UX) style, centering on the interaction between users and merchandise. The goal of interaction style is to make a product that produces AN economical and pleasant end-user expertise by facultative users to realize their objectives within the best means doable.


Interaction design


The current high stress on user-centered style and also the robust concentrate on enhancing user expertise have created interaction designers important in conceptualizing merchandise to match user expectations and meet the standards of the newest UI patterns and elements. To alter a pleasant and fascinating user expertise, the subsequent are some issues for the interaction style process:

  • Defining interaction patterns best suited within the context
  • Incorporating user wants collected throughout user analysis into the styles
  • Features and data that are necessary to the user
  • Interface behavior like drag-drop, selections, and mouse-over actions
  • Effectively communication strengths of the system
  • Making the interface intuitive by building affordances
  • Maintaining consistency throughout the system.
  • Utilizing a haptic feedback system to scale back confusion

In the previous few years, the role of interaction designer has shifted from being simply centered on specifying UI elements and communication them to the engineers to a state of affairs currently wherever designers have a lot of freedom to style discourse interfaces that are supported serving to meet the user wants. Therefore, User expertise style evolved into a multidisciplinary style branch that involves multiple technical aspects from motion graphics
style and animation to programming.


In a basic sense, web site usability addresses the question of however “user friendly” an internet site is. Easy use is a difficulty applied to virtually any technology, however notably to those systems that facilitate the employment of latest media like the web. Sensible sites should have a easy style and be accessible by the people that area unit victimization it.

Usability testing

Usability Testing may be a technique wont to assess a product (in this case a website) by testing is on users. The general public WHO founded a usability check fastidiously construct a situation whereby an individual performs a listing of tasks that somebody WHO is mistreatment the web site for the primary time is probably going to perform. Somebody else observes and listens to the one that is playacting the tasks whereas taking notes. Observance somebody perform common tasks on a web site may be a good way to check whether or not the location is usable as a result of you may straightaway be able to see whether or not they are able to perform the tasks and any difficulties they need whereas doing this.

There are 3 main categories of usability testing:

  • Explorative: Used early in development to assess the effectiveness and value of a preliminary style or paradigm, yet as users’ thought processes and abstract understanding.
  • Assessment: Used midway in development or as AN overall usability check for technology analysis. Evaluates time period trials of the technology to
    work out the satisfaction, effectiveness, and overall usability.
  • Comparative: Compares 2 or additional tutorial technology product or styles and distinguishes the strengths and weaknesses of every.


Accessibility defines users’ ability to use products/services, however not the extent to that they will attain goals (usability). Designers ought to produce output accommodating the requirements of all potential users, be they disabled (e.g., color-blind users) or anyone facing situational barriers e.g., being forced to multitask.

WCAG compliance

The Web is basically designed to figure for all folks, no matter their hardware, software, language, location, or ability. Once the online meets this goal, it’s accessible to folks with a various vary of hearing, movement, sight, and psychological feature ability. Thus the impact of incapacity is radically modified on the online as a result of the online removes barriers to communication and interaction that a lot of folks face within the physical
world. However, once websites, applications, technologies, or tools square measure badly designed, they’ll produce barriers that exclude folks from victimization the online. Accessibility is crucial for developers and organizations that wish to make top quality net sites and web tools, and not exclude folks from victimization their merchandise and services.

Human–computer interaction

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) may be a multidisciplinary field of study specializing in the planning of engineering and, specifically, the interaction between humans (the users) and computers. Whereas ab initio involved with computers, HCI has since expanded to hide most varieties of data technology style.

This isn’t it all. While writing this article I always thought there must be more enough to under to each UI Designer who is willing to become an UX expertise. So in my next article I’ll try to explore each and every element of UX that each designer must know before starting.

To be continued……

About Author:
Author Navpreet Singh is a full time designer with 12 years of experience in User Interface, User Experience and Front End Development. He has successfully delivered 200+ projects (Mobile Apps / Desktop Apps / Responsive Websites) to client across the Globe.

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QSS has a proven track executing enterprise level applications incorporating best of UI/UX bothfor web and mobile. The company has a core competency in developing and delivering projectshaving rich look designs with high usability. The UI/UX competency has experienced anddedicated team of UI/UX engineers. To Know More...

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