Assisted Rides

A web-based on-demand ride solution that helps in scheduling rides and provides other forms of assistance for those who are in need such as veterans, cancer survivors. It operates as a complete scheduling and data management software.

Assisted Rides enables a never-ending connection between organization and volunteers where volunteers cater to their needs and provide assistance accordingly.

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Process Followed

We at QSS often believe in carrying out the development methods that would be transparent to our client so that they can be aware of the progress at every stage. While working on Assisted Rides App, we streamlined the development process with a standard methodology and rolled out the project with five significant steps.


Problem Identification

The financial industry is all about good management and setting priorities as per requirement. While most businesses have a desire for data-driven insight, there are many who are struggling to get quick assistance for their business when actually needed. From addressing the tiniest to the biggest business needs and providing solutions for the same, we aim at building an app that goes along with the industry requirement and satisfies the needs of the community.

  • Create strategic management to streamline the volunteer data
  • Establish effectively and engaging communication between volunteer and client
  • Setup an easy to understand volunteer database
  • Inspiring volunteer leadership

Feasibility Study

After analysing the idea of the app and its market requirement in-and-out, we landed up on the conclusion that a solution that can manage transportation options for elderly and persons with disabilities and can also function as a volunteer driver will stand out as a wonderful concept in the market. Therefore, we proposed to create a multipurpose app that supports different kinds of programs and helps individuals in many ways.

  • Manage data and extensive reporting
  • Help consumers to get rides to key destinations
  • Provide support for multiple destinations
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Access to multiple transportation options


User research

We carried out user research by surveying some of the businesses and people of different ages to be aware of their actual needs and pain-points. This survey helped us know the worth of the product and how it can be mould to be beneficial for a vibrant community.

Product discovery workshop

Project development is more about making intelligent decisions on business rather than just outlining a deliberate approach. Product discovery workshop is a collaboration between teams to collect information required to begin a project which can be organized as per the mutual understanding of both the parties. This well thought out discovery workshop helped the development team to gain additional insight towards the project and further encouraged the team to make smart decisions for the business.

During this initial interaction with the client, we discussed the app development cycle and the scope of the project which led us to the fact of reducing the risk of designing something that would not be advantageous for the project. By bogging down the details of challenging areas and business objectives, the QSS Technosoft team took into consideration the most important elements that would be needed to meet the client’s requirement.

Competitor Analysis

In order to steer our project as per market standards and overlooking competitions, we carried out a strategic research process and analysed what the competitors are upto. This helped us acknowledge that extra step to take; in order to offer something more to our audience.

The Challenges

Not every app development is a piece of cake, some solutions thrive after overcoming challenging situations too. While developing an assisted rides app, our in-house team of developers stumbled upon creating an interface that would be easy to use even for a kid and senior living as well. Some other difficulties faced by the team are given below -

  • Implement quick user-activated tracking
  • Adding volunteers with a verified profile
  • Community and Volunteer Driver Scheduling
  • Integrate automatic calculation of distances
  • Connect every trip with Google map
  • Employ language preference

Final Outcome

Our seasoned team of developers, after coming across many stumbling blocks and vanquishing all of them successfully, designed a stable, secure, and maintainable app that helps businesses in managing rides and support different kinds of programs.

  • Supports organizations with paid drivers or volunteer drivers
  • Sent notification for the trip as completed, no-show client or no-show driver
  • The solution is configured to be HIPAA compliant
  • Reports generation in multiple formats
  • Agency calendar to manage scheduled rides
  • Connect volunteers and client over a secured chat and call option
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

We are really pleased to have a business with QSS Technosoft, the team is extremely talented and have a thorough knowledge of every technical requirement that adds value to the product.

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